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Mastering the Art of Transformation: Be FEARLESS!

Do you have a dream to be something bigger, better, different? Are you launching a new company, product, or service? Maybe you just need a shot of inspiration on your current journey.

Whatever transformation you seek, learn to be FEARLESS and how to write your own recipe for success and satisfaction in life and work. In this fun and entertaining session, Chef Sandra Lewis shares her journey from corporate employee to chef and business owner, and how she grew her business during the pandemic.

Mastering The Art of Work Life Balance

Does your life move at ludicrous speed? You’re up before sunrise, collapse into bed long after dark. Too often life can seem like a tasteless buffet of fast food.

Learn the recipe for cooking up a satisfying life, rich in relationships and passionate pursuits, both at home and at work. You’ll be doing the happy dance at the end of each day when you learn the secret for creating margin in your life and feeding body, soul, and spirit.

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Chef Sandra Speaks Directly to Your Audience Needs

You’re in the right place to book a fresh, fun, and engaging speaker who will motivate and inspire. And who brings her message to life with the topic everyone loves to talk about – food and cooking! Programs range from 60-Minutes – 1/2 Day and are always tailored to your audience specific needs and interests.




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Are you interested in a virtual culinary team building event or a virtual health and wellness cooking class? 

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Entertaining and Deliciously Inspiring

Entertaining and deliciously inspiring, Chef Sandra Lewis will motivate your audience to cook up the satisfaction and success in life and work they crave using everyone’s favorite topic – food and cooking!

Following a career of 20+ years in corporate America, Chef Sandra sold her house, put everything in storage, and enrolled in culinary school. It was a bold, now or never moment in 2009 when she chose the now, and hasn’t looked back.

Chef Sandra founded Life At The Table culinary school to share her love of cooking and teach people how to answer the most important question they ask every day, “What’s for dinner?”.

When the pandemic hit she pivoted her offerings to 100% virtual. During the past two years, more than 11,000 people, the population of a small American city, have participated in a Life At The Table virtual cooking experience. And Life At The Table shipped more than 7,000 ingredient kits. Neither of these two offerings existed prior to the pandemic.

Her work in corporate America included human resources development, technology sales, and marketing.

Chef Sandra shares her thought-provoking content with an upbeat vibe. Audiences love her quick-witted style and are forever changed by her timely and relevant message.

Include a cooking demo, her e-book, and one of her hand-crafted seasonings for an especially delicious experience.

Programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Chef Sandra earned a BS in Mass Communications, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Utah, and earned an AAS with Honors in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu Dallas.

“Loved her message! She captured me from the beginning and kept me fully engaged!”

Chef Sandra Lewis of Life At The Table in a chef jacket.


Chef Sandra Lewis

Founder and owner of Life At The Table, Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis, classically-trained in the French cooking methods graduated from culinary school following a successful corporate career of 20+ years.

Having dreamed of attending culinary school, in 2009 she faced a “now or never” moment.

Choosing the “now” she sold her house, put everything in storage, and pursued her dream.

Today she combines her culinary expertise with her experience as a single working mom to educate, inspire, and motivate people to answer the most important question they ask every day, “What’s for dinner?”.

Her primary message is one of TRANSFORMATION with cooking as both the metaphor and the means for organizational and personal change.

Because health, happiness, and life satisfaction at home and productivity at work begins around the home dining table.

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